Discover the Secret to Entertaining Your Dog at Home When You’re Not There


Debbie T.


05 May 2021

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Believe it or not, there is a simple way to keep your furry best friend happy and content while you’re away at work.

Most pet owners will agree that it’s tough leaving their dog alone at home for hours on end throughout the week.

Nobody wants their dog to feel abandoned. Unfortunately, taking your dog with you isn’t always an option.


Pets are members of the family, but it’s probably heartbreaking to be left alone for hours while you’re at work. Especially if you have a really clingy, loving dog!

And in many cases, a bored pet can become a destructive animal.

Luckily, with a Barx BusyBall at home, your dog will always have a stimulating toy at the ready to help keep them company.

Barx BusyBall: A New Type of Doggy Toy

The Barx BusyBall was created to fill a noticeable gap in the dog toy world.

A visit to any pet shop will you’ll be reminded instantly how dull and unimaginative most dog toys are nowadays.

Squeaky toys that resemble human food or cartoonish animals are archaic and boring. These items end up getting chewed up and spit out pretty fast. And that’s if your dog doesn’t tear through it in seconds!

The makers of Barx BusyBall wanted something that could stimulate a dog’s brain and sense of play. More than just a ball or a chew toy, they aspired to create something that would give your dog a workout and make the most of their playtime without any human contact.


How Is the Barx BusyBall Different?

The Barx BusyBall alleviates your dog’s boredom by giving them the thrill of the chase!

Unlike boring chew toys, the Barx BusyBall actively jumps and rolls around, keeping your best friend entertained for hours.

It’s triggered by your pet’s movement: a nudge with their nose, a playful bite, a touch of the paw. It doesn’t take much for this amazing little mechanical gadget to enter play mode. And you don’t even need to be there!

It has 3 modes to suit any pet. A gentler, slower mode for older, less active pets, a normal mode that’s great for most pets, and a super-active mode for even the most hyperactive pets!

Although it may resemble any other ball, Barx BusyBall contains a rechargeable battery that will keep it operational for up to 5 hours at a time. Charge it up the night before and set it loose before you leave. It’s the toy that responds to your pet’s every move! The built-in lights let you know when it’s ready to go.


Why Is the Barx BusyBall So Popular Among Urban Dog Owners?

  • It’s Safe and Bite-Resistant

    So many toys out there fall apart after just a few days. The Barx BusyBall is constructed to resist even the toughest dog’s bite. Plus, it’s 100% non-toxic and safe!

  • It’s Waterproof

    This mechanical wonder will stand up to the roughest conditions! Whether it ends up in your dog’s water bowl or you take with you on a trip to the beach, the tear-proof materials ensure it will remain intact in almost any setting.

  • It Moves Automatically

    The Barx BusyBall contains a 360° self-rotating motor and flashing lights to capture your pet’s attention. Turn it on before you leave and present it to your pet, then let the games begin!

  • Any Dog Can Use It and Any Human Can Set It Up

    Sure, the Barx BusyBall may be a high-tech fitness gadget for dogs, but that doesn’t mean you need an engineering degree to figure it out! There are no apps or software needed, and the device will automatically go into sleep mode to make sure your best friend isn’t completely worn out. Give it a quick charge after you come home, and it will always be ready for the next day.

UPDATE: May 2021 – After this article first appeared, I received word that the company was offering a special promotion. Follow the link below, and you’ll save XX% OFF your next order. You might want to hurry as this deal could disappear at any time!

Barx BusyBall Reviews

  • "My Border Collie Dexter would every whine and become upset every time I left for work. I would come home to discover my shoes and furniture all chewed up. I tried the Barx BusyBall out of desperation. I was surprised at how effective it turned out to be. Now it’s his favorite toy. He always brings it up to me when he’s ready to play."

    Michael T.

  • "It used to break my heart to hear my little dog’s frantic howling whenever I had to leave the house. Thanks to the Barx BusyBall, she’s got a little friend to get her through the day. I’ve seen her play with it. It’s great for tiring her out."

    Marnie R.

  • "A chew stick is only good for so long, and that’s where the Barx BusyBall comes in. I bought two of them, one for each of my dogs. They love them. And I really enjoy watching them play. So funny."

    Ray F.


And the Best Part? It Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think

You want the best for your dog, and we can’t blame you! It’s time to stop wasting your money on disposable distractions for your pup and go with the toy that will give them years of joy.

How much would you be willing to pay for a product that can entertain your best friend when you can’t be there? $100? $200? More?

The good news is that the Barx BusyBall is available now for just $XX.XX! But this price is only guaranteed through the company’s official website, and only while supplies last during this special promotion.

It’s a pretty sweet deal for dog owners and a pretty reasonable price to pay to keep your dog happy and content throughout the day.


Final Thoughts: Is It Worth It?

Given the number of positive reviews the Barx BusyBall has generated online and the savings to be had (as of this writing), I would say the answer is a resounding YES!

Just because you’re not at home, that doesn’t mean your dog can’t be exercising! The Barx BusyBall keeps your dog fit, playful, and mentally stimulated for better overall health.

You never know when a deal like this may come along again. For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Where to Buy?

The Barx BusyBall is not available in stores. If you wish to get in on the special pricing currently being offered, you need to go direct to the online source.

Don’t worry if you’re new to online shopping; the site is safe, secure, and easy to navigate. You won’t have any problems ordering, and you certainly won’t regret your purchase after it arrives.

Avoid disappointment by visiting the official Barx BusyBall site today!

  • Allison J. – Phoenix, AZ

    "I can’t get down on the floor to play with my dog as much as I would like on account of my bad leg. So having the Barx BusyBall has been a great help for the both of us. My little Sadie absolutely loves it."

  • Bob L. – Wheat Ridge, CO

    "I thought my cocker spaniel was too old to play with toys until I received a busy ball as a present. As soon as my dog sees it, she instantly perks up."

  • Terry N. – Hamburg, NY

    "You haven’t seen anything as cute as a litter of puppies chasing a Barx BusyBall around. I’m as charmed by it as the dogs are. It keeps them very busy."

  • Chloe A. – Wilmington, DE

    "This item gets a 10/10 from me. Big thumbs up! All 3 of my dogs like chasing it around. Even the oldest one who is almost 9!"

  • Stanley U. – Mobile, AL

    "My Jack Russel loves to play fetch outside, but when he’s stuck indoors, the Barx BusyBall is his favorite! I can’t believe how well it has lasted. Thanks."

  • Sherry W. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

    "The only thing bad about the Barx BusyBall is that my dog keeps rolling it under the couch all the time and I have to get it for him. He plays with it so much I sometimes have to hide it from him. Best dog toy I’ve ever owned!"

  • Dell E. – Vancouver, BC

    "Very durable and a lot better quality than I was expecting. It holds up well to all the abuse it takes. It seems to hold its charge all day long which is helpful. He really does play with it when I’m away. I know because it’s never in the same spot where I leave it."

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